Exceptional Care At CDG

We believe in moving with integrity and compassion. We care about our patients and we stand behind our work.

We believe that by building this practice on a strong periodontal foundation, we can help our patients understand how their own periodontal health or lack of health, affects them not only orally, but also systemically. There are many studies out, for example, regarding the relationship of periodontal disease and heart disease as well as premature births.

We believe in the concepts associated with wellness. We critically evaluate the materials that we place in patients mouths. As a result, we no longer place mercury fillings, or encourage the usage of fluoride tablets for children. Through our studies of the research done on these two areas, for example, we have found that the cons far out weigh the pros. Furthermore, we encourage our patients to do their own research on dental materials and any studies linking oral health with whole body health. We aspire towards creating a family of patients who are educated and motivated in caring for their own health and wellness.

We believe that by keeping up with the latest technologies and current techniques we can provide better care for our patients and create a safer and more efficient workplace for our team members. As a result, we are becoming digitalized. We provide digital scanning for crowns and bridges, thereby eliminating the need for messy and uncomfortable impressions. By incorporating digital scanning we are also able to produce a superior crown or bridge. By utilizing digital x-rays we have lowered radiation exposure by at least 80%. This benefits not only our patients but also our team members who take the x-rays. This process also eliminates our usage of x-ray developing chemicals which are unhealthy to our environment.

All of our doctors, hygienists, and many
of our assistants are equipped with magnifying loupes with lights. What does this do, besides look a little strange, you may ask? We can see 100% better. We can diagnose better. This technology alone, has contributed the most in helping us offer the level of superior care that we provide, to our family of patients. . . . Most of us wonder how we spent most of our careers without them.

We are committed to helping the environment. We have implemented an amalgam separating unit, as an example of our efforts. This technology allows us to remove mercury out of the wastewater. Dentists, and dental practices as a whole, are some of the biggest contributors of mercury contamination, by disposing of their mercury waste into their wastewater. Several states have already begun implementing mandates demanding dentists to use separators to remove their amalgam waste out of the wastewater. Pennsylvania has yet to make those demands. New York and New Jersey, on the other hand, have made those demands on the dental practices in those states. We are proud of the fact that in this regard, we have not waited until the mandate has come down – we are proactively trying to help our community in its efforts to become “greener”.

In accordance with law, we are completely paperless and chartless. This is not only an environmental issue, it is also a HIPAA issue. Again we choose to be proactive on these issues.

We are committed to providing a soothing and relaxing atmosphere for our patients. As you will notice, we have removed the television from our waiting area as well as the magazines. We have motivational books, beautiful art books, and other educational books, that we hope will inform, enlighten, inspire, and relax our patients. We play soothing music as well. Throughout the hallways and rooms of this practice, we have many inspiring prints and pictures. Their purpose is to be aesthetically comforting as well as inspiring.

These are just a few examples which illustrate our mission in establishing ourselves in this community, as a wellness practice which provides exceptional care.