Digital X-rays


Digital X-rays are an advancement in X-ray technology. Instead of the traditional films, a sensor transmits the X-ray information directly into the computer. There the image can be magnified or enhanced for optimal diagnostic ability. This shortens the processing time, eliminates the equipment and chemicals used in developing, and protects the ground water. Best of all, digital X-rays require only a third of the radiation exposure that people get from traditional X-rays, so they are healthier.

SUNI’s new SuniRay digital radiography system makes it easy to capture and analyze dental radiographs quickly. Using the latest CMOS technology and Suni Advanced Imaging® Software, SuniRay delivers exceptionally high image quality with maximum diagnostic capabilities.  Designed and manufactured in Silicon Valley, SuniRay represents the perfect balance of form and function.  SuniRay’s  ergonomic design and rounded corners ensure easy positioning and optimal patient comfort. Plus, the unique design of its reinforced cable attachment and hardened outer casing makes SuniRay incredibly durable and reliable.        SUNI – the pioneer in digital radiography